Brendon Gordon Architects


Avenues, Tauranga


The Bowker Residence is an example of the different spatial experiences that can be achieved on an compact urban site.

Designed to maximise privacy in the midst of the city, this design creates a sense of discovery that beckons there is more to the house than appears from the road.

The concrete preimeter wall is a simple but effective tool in creating feelings of both intamicy and protection. Upon entering the space, one immediately feels a sense of calm as a result of the designs pared-back simplicity.
It feels like a safe haven, inviting you to slow down and decompress... this is a space where you can escape the pulls of day to day life and switch off...

The colour pallette takes cures from the surrounding landscape, balancing both light and deep browns from the nearby trees with the raw, contrasting with the raw feel industrial concrete, invites an aesthetic that hints at an element of brutalism.. 

This use of good honest materials contributes to a feeling of robust quality and continues to develop the sense of grounded stability.

This is an inner city escape that is hard to leave.


Architect: Brendon Gordon Architects

Crafted by: P. Bowker