Brendon Gordon Architects

Park Vue



Waikato/Bay of Plenty Architecture Awards - Winner

“Park Vue is a two-storey holiday home with a mannered response to the surrounding neighbourhood. It has a cleverly modelled H shaped footprint which allows for good public and private space separation, while also maximising views of Whangamatā. The well-appointed, comfortable interior is finished with a refined yet robust palette of materials that include sarked cedar ceilings and timber detailing, as well as subtle industrial finishes. Both restful and lively, this is a house of many moods and shows how multiple generations can easily cohabitate in a holiday home.” - NIZA


The design ethos for this beach house project focuses on sustainability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. The structure mainly uses timber framing, with minimal structural steel. The building envelope exceeds code requirements with double insulation for the walls and roof, utilizing a Ribraft insulated concrete ground floor slab. The design maximizes views and natural light while providing adequate shelter from the sun's overheating rays. The color palette incorporates natural timber and black, creating a timeless beach house look.

The H-shaped footprint allows for clear separation between public and private spaces, and the well-defined entrance enhances privacy. The fenced front courtyard and native hedge planting offer a secure space for the dog, while the ground floor deck is perfect for casual socializing. The outdoor private spa/shower space is recessed on the east side of the house, providing a refreshing area to clean up after beach activities.

Additionally, the design incorporates a screened upstairs deck that ensures privacy while taking in the stunning views. The informal entrance stair to the driveway allows for spontaneous visits, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The final result is a beach house that not only accommodates an extended family but also embraces the beauty of the natural surroundings while providing comfort and functionality.


Architect: Brendon Gordon Architects

Crafted by: Edinbridge Resources ltd