Our Studio

Led by Brendon Gordon, BGA has designed a portfolio of award winning projects since inception in 1996.

BGA is widely recognised for creating exploratory and relevant design responses.

Brendon Gordon is a NZIA registered Architect.

As designers of the built environment, we make conscious decisions to integrate sustainable design practices and philosophy into our projects.

There’s no other way to put it, we love what we do…


 Our People

Our practice is a deliberately small, boutique studio. We value consistency and accountability and believe our capable team reflects this.

We are seen as an attractive employer to work for; offering career progression and the opportunity to develop wider skills. 

The friendly and informal approach within the practice results in low staff turnover and a thriving studio environment.


Our Culture

We know that our clients place huge value in the working relationships we build with them. 

Taking time to understand every clients needs and aspirations has resulted in a high proportion of repeat business. 



Collaboration – ‘the act of working with someone to produce something’.

BGA are firm believers that from conception to completion collaboration is key to the making of a successful project. 

We have developed long standing relationships with a number of consultants we consider important members of the design team.

These include Planning Consultants, Coastal Consultants, Engineers, Landscape and Conservation Consultants , Lighting and Technology Consultants who are all fully involved in the design process.

In consideration of the client and end user requirements, we draw on our team’s knowledge and experience to realise our client’s project ambitions.

Clear communication is key to collaboration.