Working collaboratively with clients and craftsmen, BGA can manage the whole process from design inception through construction, to completion and move in.

We make it all happen…

This approach is recognised in the many awards received by BGA, our builders and contributing specialists across all aspects of our projects.

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Inspiring buildings capture the human spirit through an understanding of form, materials and aesthetics

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Lighting Design

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Interior Design

The visual delight and tactility of the everyday elevates our emotional response

Experience Design

We believe that interactive elements are important in creating experiences to be enjoyed





Bowker Boundry.jpg
Bowker yard.

As a part of the design process, BGA establishes an architectural vocabulary unique to each project.

We believe in spaces that harness the elements of light, air and space.

We believe great architecture is all about communication.

We look.

We listen.

We investigate.

We test ideas and approaches.

We respond. 

We add value.


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